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Container infrastructure

Automate & optimize container infrastructure

Eliminate complexity, maximize efficiency and reduce costs by up to 90% for cloud-native applications.

Our technology frees operations teams from the overhead and complexity of managing container infrastructure.

Availability and performance

Deliver the resources needed without interruptions


Use analytics and automation to reduce operations burdens


Continuously deliver optimal perfomance and cost

Automatically give containers the optimal infrastructure

Automated infrastructure

Spot’s container-first approach uses advanced analytics and automation to continuously monitor and optimize the compute infrastructure for your cloud-native applications so that CloudOps teams and developers can focus on their applications, knowing their containers can count on infrastructure to always be available, scalable and efficient.

Container-level visibility

Spot provides granular, real-time views into container behavior and cost, from the instance to the application level, with drill-down by namespace, resource, label, annotation and other container entities. This provides real-time visibility, from the instances supporting containers to the applications running in them.

Cost control & optimization

Use proven machine learning and automation to continuously determine and deploy the most balanced and cost-effective compute resources for your container clusters, from spot to reserved to on-demand. That saves you up to 90% on compute costs, without manual resource planning and allocation.

Meet SLAs for your cloud-native infrastructure

Spot provides container-driven, predictive autoscaling of nodes to ensure that containers always have the resources they need to meet perfomance and availability requirements, rapidly scale up (and down) based on pod and task requirements, while configurable buffers of resources ensure that container workloads will immediately run whenever needed and automatic and predictive instance replacement keeps applications up and running.

Using Spot, it was simple to set up the clusters, choose the CPU and memory.
Whats amazing is that we have not needed to go back in and make any adjustments since. It’s much less labor overhead for us since Spot makes sure our clusters always have the resources they need.

Michael Waltz, Principal DevOps Engineer

Serverless container infrastructure with Ocean

Ocean by Spot continuously monitors and optimizes container infrastructure to maximize efficiency and availability while minimizing costs, helping CloudOps teams focus on their workloads and applications rather than be burdened by management of their container infrastructure.

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