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Autoscaling applications

Automated infrastructure for scalable applications

Continuously ensure scalability and availability while reducing costs by up to 90%.

Simplify infrastructure and reduce costs for web and other scaling applications using analytics and automation.

Real-time analytics

Use historical and predictive analytics to understand

Automated scaling

Scale capacity up and down based on real-time application needs

Cost reduction

Automatically utilize the lowest-cost compute resources available

Automatically ensure availability, performance & efficiency

Meaningful insights into cloud costs

Our machine learning models analyze and predict compute capacity trends, pricing, and interruption rates to intelligently utilize spot, reserved and on-demand compute pricing models. Reduce costs by up to 90% using data-driven selection of the optimal cloud compute pricing models.

Ensure availability for production workloads

Integrating with your load balancer, our software automatically distributes workloads across multiple zones and excess capacity markets to ensure availability at minimum costs. Benefit from analytics that predict interruptions and take proactive actions to replace instances in advance.

Intelligent scaling

Simplify the process of defining scaling policies, identifying peak times, and automatically scaling the right capacity in advance by using machine learning to predict future resource needs and proactively scale to meet them while using the optimal mix of pricing models.

Optimize without changing anything

Get the most out of your cloud investment with specific, actionable recommendations to fully utilize your cloud infrastructure that you can implement and automate continuously in just a few clicks.

With Spot saving us at least $60,000 per month, our machine learning scientists can keep data for longer periods and invest in newer products and technologies.

Vaibhav Puranik, SVP Engineering

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