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Changing how companies operate in the cloud

Our mission

We help companies get the most out of their cloud investments. Our CloudOps portfolio helps customers securely and reliably deploy, operate and scale applications and infrastructure in the cloud.

Our story

Spot by NetApp brings together innovators with a shared vision to revolutionize the way companies operate in the cloud. Using leading analytics and automation technology, we help teams deliver the most reliable, best performing and most cost-efficient applications and infrastructure for every workload on any cloud.

The seeds of this vision were planted in the coffee shops, apartments and offices of the startups founded by our teams. Our teams knew from first-hand experience the challenges of operating in the cloud reliably and efficiently, and knew that the patchwork of tools and manual labor that organizations are forced to rely on today was not the answer. The complexity created by this patchwork not only made cloud operations a weakness for smaller organizations, but also extremely difficult for even the most well-resourced enterprises.

Our leaders shared a vision of making best-in-class cloud operations accessible to every organization. In startups from the US to Australia, from Israel to France, our teams worked to turn that vision into reality. Building solutions that embed analytics, artificial intelligence and cloud automation combined with the benefit of our own hard-earned expertise, our teams developed unique technologies for infrastructure and operations that understand and adapt to application needs in real-time.

Brought together as part of NetApp, we continue to innovate on that vision. Combining the resources and established strengths of NetApp with the agility and innovation of a startup, we deliver a compelling portfolio for CloudOps, helping customers save time and money in the cloud. From AWS to GCP and Azure, from infrastructure optimization to open source solutions as a service, the Spot by NetApp portfolio is changing the way that companies run workloads and applications in the cloud.

Our Values

We are guided by a core set of values that guide how we operate internally as well as our relationship with our customers.

Our values
Customer – obsessed
Get things done
Disagree & commit
Communicate & escalate

From our customers

“In the beginning, we had never allocated a budget for our infrastructure costs, as it was considered part of the operational costs of running our applications, but as the company grew, we realized that cost efficiency is becoming a necessity when running at scale”

Pradeep Thangavel, Engineering Manager, Site Reliability Engineering

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