Financial Operations (FinOps) -
Financial Operations (FinOps)

Operationalize FinOps to deliver continuous cloud and cost optimization

Reduce and govern cloud spend without sacrificing flexibility — all while driving application efficiency and business performance

Achieve ongoing savings, optimized cloud infrastructure, and data-driven decision making

Holistic actionable visibility

Get accurate continuous visibility and analytics into cloud spend, resource utilization, misprovisioning and waste for trend analysis and forecasting, governance and effective decision-making.

Cost optimization

Continuously optimize cloud spend and commitment purchasing, and eliminate waste to achieve maximum savings and utilization – without sacrificing flexibility, reliability, or risking lock-in.

Infrastructure optimization

AI/ML-driven automation scales infrastructure based on real-time analysis of VMs and container workload capacity, performance, availability requirements and policies, together with a cost-optimized balance of instance types and purchasing options (on-demand, reserved, spot).

Operationalize your FinOps practice

Explore our interactive hub and discover how to build a highly efficient FinOps strategy.

Control cloud costs while driving business efficiency

Generate immediate savings & ROI

Cut cloud spend immediately and continually increase savings over time, by utilizing the most efficient pricing models, right sizing resources and eliminating waste

Become continuously efficient

Ensure cloud workloads are continuously optimized with a cost-efficient balance of resource types that supports application performance and reliability through AI/ML-driven automation

Empower stakeholders to collaborate

Enable collaboration across finance, DevOps and ITOps that proactively drives cost-aware engineering and speeds up time to market

Gain actionable visibility & intelligence

Give stakeholders consumable insights that drive accountability and enable informed decisions on applications and business optimization

Achieve increased accuracy & productivity

Reduce the significant burden, complexity, risk, manual work and resources needed to support an effective FinOps strategy

Because this process happens automatically, it allows Arcadia to manage reservations at a high level while minimizing manual activity. The company estimates they cut their cost by 90%.

Eco for reserved capacity management

Eco delivers intelligent lifecycle automation for reserved instances and Savings Plans to maximize the ROI of cloud commitment purchases.

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