Spot Security -

One solution for comprehensive cloud security

Actionable visualization and cloud risk analysis to detect and remediate threats and misconfigurations and manage compliance.

Real time cloud security with prioritized and
actionable alerts

Break through the noise

Designed for the cloud, Spot Security conducts agentless, real time risk assessments to identify the most critical misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, based on the potential attack surface and cloud asset relationships

Risk impact maps

Gain a holistic view of your cloud environment using the impact maps to uncover even minor security gaps that can put your organization’s crown jewels at risk.

Prioritized actionable insights

Get a single dashboard view of prioritized actionable insights based on the attack surface, risk severity and network exposure.

Asset groups

Create groups of business-critical assets and track their security posture, access, permissions, and compliance status in a single view.

Guided remediation

Save time and effort by automating the remediation workflows with ready-to-use Python and CLI code.

Know if your crown jewels
are secure

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