Billing Engine -

Streamline invoicing with a flexible, customizable billing engine

Control cloud spend granularly and drive accountability across cost centers

Track and account for spend across cost centers, reducing waste and maximizing savings.

Billing Engine, from Spot by NetApp, simplifies complex billing processes and provides highly granular chargeback and showback to cost centers. Track the success of cost saving efforts and identify where resources are being used efficiently and maximize your return on cloud spend.

Customize your billing for cloud services according to your business needs

With Spot Billing Engine, complex billing is simplified, allowing you to configure billing policies and invoicing according to your business needs.

Customize billing

Easily generate invoices using flexible policy-based billing rules based on business requirements.

Analyze costs

Quickly understand costs and assess profits across all cloud providers at the macro level and drill down for more insight, as well as group information based on business needs.

Track spend

Drive accountability and monitor the progress of cost saving initiatives with detailed reports on cloud spend and waste.

Cost-cutting tactics of the past are no longer sufficient to maximize ROI on cloud spend and plan for long-term FinOps success. Learn what you can do about it.

Key Features

Better together – maximize your cost optimization efforts and control cloud spend with Spot by NetApp’s FinOps Insight and Management Suite

Billing Engine, Cost Intelligence, and Eco deliver comprehensive cloud cost management and optimization for your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud environments. Identify immediate opportunities for savings, continuously monitor usage and resources, simplify billing processes, and automate reserved commitment optimization according to your business needs.