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The industry-leading customer satisfaction maintained by Spot Support is driven by both professional engineers as well as continuous monitoring and proactive actions at every stage.

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Customer Satisfaction is our #1 goal

Every person on our team – from our VP to the last engineer – lives and breathes CSAT. First, we identify the best way to serve you – our customer – and then we work our way backwards on HOW to do it. We design processes, systems, dashboards and KPIs to ensure that you’re always happy.

Proactive support

We don’t wait for you to identify an issue–we do it for you. Our team proactively monitors and solves issues 24/7. We continuously monitor our customers’ environments, with millions of data points each day. We stay ahead of the curve with 90% of issues being proactively identified by us before you even notice.

One-touch resolution

Our goal is to provide you with the best solution the FIRST TIME. Our industry-leading engineers are trained to understand the issue as quickly as possible, and are fully enabled and empowered to solve even the toughest issues. We built our team such that there are minimal handovers.


When you reach out to us you have a concern, whether a question or technical issue. We’re always empathic to your needs and will do our utmost to solve your issue in a way that works for YOU. That’s how we hire our people and that’s how we train them.

Prompt response

We realize that contacting support may not always be enjoyable. You’re under pressure to deliver, so that’s why we have processes in place to make sure you get the quickest response. We serve our customers through a variety of channels – all of which are monitored 24/7.

We’re always here for you

Our customers can contact us for ANY question at ANY time. If you’re awake – so are we! We’re here to help you with anything from a “how to” question to a technical issue. Just ping us over chat or email and we’ll deliver.

“There’s a problem in the industry. Many technical vendors fail to listen to customers and have a proper discussion with them. This is not true with Spot. We’ve worked with a handful of vendors who have actually listened and truly responded to customer needs. Spot is definitely one of those vendors.”

James Marcus, VP Technical Operations at Deloitte Digital

“The incredible level of support was invaluable. Anytime we had a tiny issue or a feature request, the team has been so quick to respond, sometimes implementing a new feature within just a few days.”

Josh Schlanger, Vice President, DevOps and IT at Demandbase

“We received excellent support and response times from the Spot Support Team. We were able to rely on them to fix issues for us in a timely manner, no matter the complexity.”

Ram Rengaswamy, Chief Technology Officer, Beeswax