Ocean: Serverless Infrastructure Container Engine

Serverless infrastructure engine for containers

Deliver hands-free infrastructure for cloud-native applications at 90% lower cost.

Ensure availability and optimize costs for containers

Ocean automates cloud infrastructure for containers. It continuously analyzes how your containers are using infrastructure, automatically scaling compute resources to maximize utilization and availability utilizing the optimal blend of spot, reserved and on-demand compute instances.

Focus on your workloads, not your infrastructure

Automate container infrastructure

Continuously manages scaling and sizing of your cluster infrastructure based on container resource needs.

Understand your costs

Provides real-time insight into infrastructure costs by services, applications and tasks to enable showback and accountability.

Deliver on SLAs

Ensures availability and performance by predicting and automatically addressing resource needs and instance interruptions.

Minimize costs

Automatically uses the optimal mix of on demand, reserved and spot instances to reduce costs by up to 90%.

Automation yields continuous optimization

See what savings lie under the surface of your Kubernetes cluster with Ocean Insights

With just read-only permissions to connect to your Kubernetes cluster, Ocean Insights performs analysis on your cloud costs and resource utilization. Before spinning up even a single instance, you’ll see the full impact of Ocean for managing, scaling and provisioning your container infrastructure inthe cloud.

Using Spot, it was simple to set up the clusters, choose the CPU and memory.
Whats amazing is that we have not needed to go back in and make any adjustments since. It’s much less labor overhead for us since Spot makes sure our clusters always have the resources they need.

Michael Waltz, , Principal DevOps Engineer

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