Cloud services for MSPs | Spot by NetApp
Cloud services for MSPs

Own the cloud opportunity

Build differentiated cloud service delivery offerings to help customers scale

Deliver long-term value, increase customer confidence and drive cloud business growth

  • Reduce overhead of delivering cloud services
  • Increase profit margins and long-term customer value
  • Provide transparency with controlled access of data
  • Improve security and compliance posture

Managed service providers have an opportunity to become a trusted, strategic partner to the modern cloud enterprise.

Spot by NetApp’s suite of cloud management and optimization solutions give MSPs the capabilities they need to help customers scale their clouds quickly, efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.

Power cloud services across verticals, customers and environments

Cloud visibility

Gain clarity in the cloud for you and your customers

Spot solutions give MSPs robust visibility, business intelligence and management features that increase customer confidence and enable you accurately quantify costs and potential savings.

  • Manage multiple accounts, teams and projects in one place
  • Real-time, detailed cost and usage data of customer accounts
  • Current and historical trends with customizable BI dashboards
  • Continuous monitoring of reserved capacity portfolios
  • Anomaly and risk detection with ongoing monitoring, built-in checks and alerts


Cloud management and optimization

Make data-driven, ROI-maximizing recommendations

Increase profit margins while helping customers execute and advance their cloud initiatives. Develop automation and optimization strategies that reduce cloud spend, improve resource utilization and efficiency.

  • Proactively identify idle and underutilized resources
  • Fully-automate buying / selling of unused reserved compute
  • Implement automation for cloud infrastructure operations
  • AI-driven compute capacity planning and automated right sizing


Cloud security and governance

Capitalize on the growing demand for managed cloud security

Protect your customers’ critical business assets while growing your portfolio and bottom line. Spot security solutions for MSPs are tailored to meet the varied regulatory and legal requirements across industries, and provide remediated threat detection that gives your customer peace of mind.

  • Visualize cloud platform utilization, configuration, network and access for all workloads
  • AI-driven security assessments and risk analysis
  • Ongoing, automated best practice checks to ensure compliance
  • Alerts for configuration, security and resource changes
  • Guided remediation


Cloud billing and reporting

Streamline, standardize and automate your cloud business

Operate more efficiently and deliver differentiated services quickly and effectively.

  • Automate billing and invoice processes
  • Precisely allocate spending to customers and cost centers
  • White labeling reports and customized billing rules


Together with Spot, we are able to supply our customers with a win-win solution to manage & boost their infrastructure growth while dramatically saving costs.